Summer University Course

Tibor Mandják


This is an introductory course with no prerequisites.

Course description

The main goal of the course is to deal with the marketing problems of business relationships, international business networks and the management in business networks. It helps the students to understand deeper the complexity and the interdependent nature of business world. Business-to-business (B2B) marketing from a relational approach, value co-creation and the Actors-Resources-Activities (A-R-A) Model are among the main topics of the course.


  • History and essential of business marketing
  • Value creation and value co-creation
  • Relational approach
  • Interactive business relationships
  • Business networks (the A-R-A Model)
  • Internationalization process

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the complexity and the interdependent nature of business world
  • Recognize the essential and the key role of value co-creation
  • Comprehend how to make marketing actions in complex business networks
  • Learn the internationalization process of the companies


Students planning to obtain ECTS credits for the course will write a 90-minute in-class examination. Grading will be based on the written examination (80%) and contribution to class work (20%).

Reading materials

Course notes distributed on the sessions

Tibor Mandják is full professor of Business Marketing at EM Normandie (Normandy Business School) in Le Havre, in France. He is teaching business-to-business marketing, international marketing and research methodology and is a visiting professor in several French, European and African business schools. His main fields of research are business relationships, business networks, inter-organizational issues and port marketing. He intensively publishes in leading international journals like Industrial Marketing Management or Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.