General information


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ELTE IBE will start the semester with online courses. If the national regulations will be eased, contact teaching will commence from 12th of March.

The timetable for the Spring term will be available once permissibility of contact teaching will be ascertained. (to select English courses, you need to use filter function).

All advertised courses run, starting with no-contact teaching. During February about a third of the classes for the semester will be recorded, for 6 credit courses covering the materials for the first midterm. (For 3-credit courses the first midterms are scheduled after 28th March.)

University regulations and details of the digital operation.


In general, there is no compulsory attendance for the lectures, the seminars, or the mid-terms (except in case of first semester courses, please always check the requirements of the course in the Neptun system.)

Types of courses

Students studying a full-degree programme – either BA International Business Economics or BA Finance and Accounting – have a curriculum they are advised to follow to be able to graduate within the shortest time possible. There are a few types of courses you can sign up for.

  • Obligatory courses: These courses provide indispensable knowledge to become a professional in the field of study. The completion of obligatory courses is a must to be able to graduate at the end of your studies.
  • Elective courses: Elective courses are categorised within elective course-units in the study fields below.
    • Elective course unit in Business Sciences
    • Elective course unit in Law
    • Elective course unit in Economics Sciences
    • Elective course unit in Social Sciences
    • Elective course unit in Informatics
  • In your curriculum, you will see which elective course unit is relevant to your degree-programme. All curriculums contain a certain amount of credits assigned for elective courses which is mandatory to complete to be able to graduate.
  • Optional (free elective) courses: These courses can relate to all sorts of study fields. All curriculums contain a certain amount of credits assigned for optional courses which is mandatory to complete to be able to graduate.
  • Project Work: The courses called Project Work I and Project Work II are preparatory courses for your final thesis. You have to choose a topic and you will be assigned to an academic advisor based the field of interest. The academic advisor supports your research process and prepares you for the independent research and writing process of your final thesis. Therefore, the topic of the Project Work is the same topic you will write your final thesis about.


Generally, you complete courses in the value of 30 credits per semester that allows you to study in a steady pace and meanwhile working part-time and enjoying a vibrant university life in the international environment ELTE has to offer.

Our full-degree programmes consist of 7 or 8 semesters during which the course choices are guided by a course curriculum that you can read about here:

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BA International Business Economics
BA Finance and Accounting

Travelling to Hungary

On recent changes to the entry regulations to Hungary due to the pandemic, please follow this link.